About India Sportsmen Federation


India Sportsmen Federation starts by MR.Iyyappan (Athletic State Player). India Sportsmen Federation affiliated by government of India Society Act. Ours Federation Starts with following main Moto to Assure Sportsmen Welfare ( To get State and Central Government more Offer for sports people , Help to poor sportsmen , Encourage and Help to students sports activity , Help to participate District , State , National and International Sports Activity ) . We believe our activity will help each sportsmen grow their career and get more metals for our country.

We are developing our federation into national level . We invite people join indiasportsmen.com from all over India to develop their state sportsmen and assure their welfare

If we ( all states ) are work in one roof under indiasportsmen.com . we can reach each state government and central government for give more influence to sportsmen welfare and development .

Currently we are trying 100 % job assurance for state level winner to secure sportsmen life , career and Infra structure of all sports activity

Who can join: All sportsmen , Interested in sports , Interested in sportsmen welfare , all sports related association.

About Tamilnadu Sportsmen Association

The TAMILNADU SPORTSMEN ASSOCIATION running successfully past 20 years, Our main motivation is to encourage each and every student for sport activities and also helping poor’s, sports students to involve in all sports categories like karate, Silambattam and Athletics etc…..

We are supporting sportsmen to provide many concessions and facilities from the Govt of Tamilnadu. We are celebrating Olympics Day and National Sports day and also every year we are conducting an event for sports by distributing many awards for all sports category to encourage them for sports. The intention is to make each to join for sports activities.

We believe our activity will help each sportsmen grow their career and get more metals for our country.We achieved and continuing many things for sportsmen welfare from our Tamil Nadu State Government .

Our Idea and Moto is now expand into national Level called as India sportsmen federation (www.indiasportsmen.com). Tamil Nadu Sportsmen Association is Now member of India sportsmen federation . We invite all sports people , interested people in sports , sports relation association to join under one roof to develop our nation sports activity and get more metals for our country in the world sports activity.



Federation Founder


DR.I. Iyyappan, Founder and Chairperson, India Sports Federation and Tamil Nadu Sports Association.

DR.I. Iyyappan is a Athletic State Player of Tamil Nadu , Got Doctorate for sportsmen welfare for 25 years in service of sportsmen welfare .

DR.I .Iyyappan Is President of Thiruvallur District Association – ( Athletic ) and Vice President of Tamil Nadu Cycling Association.

Founder's Message

"At India sportsmen federation , our vision is to India become a sports leader in the world . We have very less infrastructure and sportsmen welfare in our nation . We need to assure our sportsmen welfare from Central and State governments form our strong requesting through integrated approach from all over the India . I invite all sports people and sports association to achieve this goal become a member of www.indiasportsmen.com."

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